The development of a valid examination for the IC&RC credentialing process begins with a clear and concise definition of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for competent job performance.​

Using interviews, surveys, observation, and group discussions, IC&RC works with experts in the fields of prevention, substance use treatment, co-occurring disorders, and recovery to delineate critical job components. The knowledge and skill bases used in actual practice are gathered into the Job Analysis (JA) document, the examination questions are derived from the JA.

Examination questions are written by certified individuals and other professionals who are considered Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in their field. SMEs come from around the world to be trained in item writing best practices. They are assisted by IC&RC’s professional testing company through the entire item writing process. Every examination item then undergoes a three-tiered review process to ensure quality and accuracy prior to becoming a scored item on an IC&RC examination.

Once a candidate has successfully completed their file, they will receive a test registration form. Candidates will need to return the test registration form along with the $180.00 examination fee and the candidate will be registered for the computer examination. At that time the candidate will receive an email from ISO Quality Testing with directions on scheduling your exam on the date and at the location of your choice.

ISO Quality Testing will email the candidates directly with information on how to register for the exam. The candidate will be instructed on how to pick the day, time and location and will be able to print their Admission Letter when they successfully register. Once registered candidates have the option to reschedule or cancel their exam directly through ISO Quality Testing’s website. Candidates should not contact the board office to cancel or reschedule their exam. No shows are charged the full fee. The Admission Letter will give candidates all the information they need to know for their day of testing.

On testing day candidates will be required to show a government-issued photo ID and their Admission Letter. Candidates will have three hours to complete the exam. After the candidate completes the exam they will receive preliminary scores. The preliminary scores will clearly state that scores are not official until they are sent out by their local IC&RC Member Board. Member Boards can expect to receive the official scores shortly after the two week window from SMT.

Candidate Guides

IC&RC has developed Candidate Guides to provide candidates with guidance for the IC&RC examination process. Candidate Guides provide background information on the examination development and administration process. They also contain exam content guidelines, sample questions, and examination reference lists. Each IC&RC examination has a coinciding Candidate Guide which can be found linked below:

Practice Exams

Practice Exams are available for the Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC), Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC), Clinical Supervisor (CS), and Prevention Specialist (PS) examinations. Practice Exams were developed in conjunction with IC&RC’s testing company to mimic the exact look and feel of IC&RC’s Computer Based Testing (CBT) platform.

Each practice exam has 50 questions, which candidates have 60 minutes to complete. After completing the practice exam, candidates will receive a score report identifying their areas of strength and weakness. Practice exam questions are not provided at the end of the examination for review.

Candidates should note that there is currently only one version of each practice examination. Purchasing multiple exams will result in candidates taking the same examination with each purchase.

More information on Practice Exams can be found here.

Available Study Guides

Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) Examination

Getting Ready to Test: A Review and Preparation Manual for Drug and Alcohol Credentialing Exams, 8th Edition

  • IC&RC has endorsed Getting Ready to Test: A Review and Preparation Manual for Drug and Alcohol Credentialing Exams, 8th Edition for its Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) exam.

  • This unique, self-guided, 734-page manual provides ReadyToTest’s most comprehensive set of materials designed to help refresh and enhance candidates’ knowledge on many of the major, need-to-know areas of information required for the IC&RC ADC exam.

  • The manual includes a 150-question sample written exam, designed to make candidates feel more comfortable with the actual exam as well as to help focus study and preparation time.

  • The manual includes four unique sections of material: Section 1: Basic Addiction Information; Section 2: Core Functions; Section 3: Specialty Information; Section 4: The Testing Process.

  • The manual can be purchased at ReadyToTest.com.

IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) Certification Examination Study Guide (2015)

  • IC&RC has endorsed the new IC&RC Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ADC) Certification Examination Study Guide (2015), created by the Florida Certification Board.

  • This full-color, 208-page study guide is in alignment with the current IC&RC ADC examination blueprint, which encompasses four performance domains and 33 job tasks. The first chapter provides an overview of addiction and drugs of abuse, plus current perspectives on recovery. Chapters 2-5 relate directly to the performance domains (Screening, Assessment and Engagement; Treatment Planning; Collaboration and Referral; Counseling; Professional and Ethical Responsibility) with job task statements interspersed within the text to match review content with each task for ease of studying. Each chapter is fully referenced and contains a resources section to direct the learner to other sources that augment the study guide content.

  • Purchase this study guide online through Comprehensive Education Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Florida Certification Board, at flcertificationboard.org/icrc-adc-study-guide.

Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) Examination

Getting Ready to Test: A Review and Preparation Manual for Drug and Alcohol Credentialing Exams, 8th Edition

  • IC&RC has endorsed Getting Ready to Test: A Review and Preparation Manual for Drug and Alcohol Credentialing Exams, 8th Edition with its supplemental guide Getting Ready to Test: A Supplemental Review/Preparation Manual for the IC&RC Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor Credentialing Examination for its Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) exam.

  • This 2-manual set of comprehensive study materials, covering 4 unique sections, includes a 150-question sample written exam and can be purchased at ReadyToTest.com.

  • This 338-page supplement is specifically geared towards content and information included on the Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (AADC) credentialing examination.

  • is not designed as a stand-alone product, but will add information relevant to the AADC examination not covered in the larger Getting Ready to Test manual.

  • Candidates preparing for the AADC exam can purchase both guides from ReadyToTest.com.

  • Please note that while IC&RC strongly recommends purchasing guides listed above, the AADC exam contains a lot of questions on co-occurring disorders that requires supplemental knowledge to that presented in the ReadyToTest supplemental manuals above. As such, it recommends that candidates order SAMHSA’s TIP 42 from samhsa.gov or purchase The Basics references below.

The Basics: A Curriculum for Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Disorders (2nd Edition)

  • IC&RC has endorsed The Basics: A Curriculum for Co-occurring Psychiatric and Substance Disorders (2nd Edition) as a study guide for the CCDP, CCDP-D and AADC examinations. It is an excellent resource for professionals preparing for their exam or who want to further their knowledge of this important subject.

  • The 2-volume set, by Rhonda McKillip, M.Ed., LMHC, MAC, CCDCIII, CDP, contains over 1,600 references, as well as detailed lesson content and handouts for group, topics and information for individual sessions, and a cross-training guide for mental health and chemical dependency professionals.

  • The Basics may be purchased directly from McKillip’s website at rhondamckillipandthebasics.com