Your certificate will be mailed to you as soon as your application review is complete. It may take up to 30 days to complete your review. Due to most workplace requirements it is strongly recommended you submit your recertification packet at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. There is no longer a 30 day grace period after the date of your certification expiration. Once your certification has expired it may be necessary for you to reapply and complete the examination to recertify.

Please note that you must keep your certification current at all times to practice legally as a substance abuse counselor. You should not practice during a lapsed period.

  1. Recertification Packets are recommended to be submitted 30 - 60 days in advance of expiration date.
  2. All certifications expire on the 1st of each month. Packets must be received by the 1st of the month. Packets received after the first are late.
  3. Recertification Packets less than 30 days late, recertification applicants must include a $35 late fee.
  4. Recertification Packets more than 30 days late, but less than 90 days late, must include a $75 late fee.
  5. Recertification Packets more than 90 days late but less than 180 days late, must $150 late fee.
  6. Recertification Packets more than 180 but less than 365 days late, must retest for their recertification level, including paying the current test fee.
  7. Recertification Packets more than 365 days late will not be accepted. A new application with all new documents and a new test will be required.


Continuing Education must be an ongoing process to assure competence in the dynamic and changing field of alcohol and other drug dependency counseling and supervision of counselors. To maintain your certified status as a CADC/CAADC/CCS/CCJP/CCDP/CCDP-D, GCADC in Georgia, recertification is required every two years on the anniversary date of your original certification. A notification will be emailed to you about eight weeks prior to the expiration date of your certification.

Although the ADACB-Ga. regularly distributes recertification materials to eligible counselors and supervisors, it is the responsibility of the counselor to make timely application for recertification. The recertification packet is posted on our website on the “GA/International Certification” page.

The ADACB-Ga. does not have a policy for renewing certifications that have expired. Due to most workplace requirements it is strongly recommended you submit your recertification packet at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. There is no longer a 30 day grace period after the expiration date of your certification. Once your certification has expired it may be necessary for you to reapply and complete the examination to recertify. In order to be sure your certification remains current, please notify the board in writing of any change in address.


Education is defined as formal didactic or experiential methods of obtaining information and skills in the practice of addiction counseling and treatment. One clock hour of education is equal to 50 minutes of continuous instruction, and may include workshops, seminars, institutes, inservices, and college/university work. Education must be specifically related to the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the tasks within each IC&RC performance domain. All education must be documented.

Recertification requires documentation of completion of at least forty (40) clock hours of continuing education in the two year period of your certification. Of these hours, 5 hours must be in professional ethics. Counselors may select trainings from a wide variety of opportunities, as long as the training and education pertains to alcohol and other drug addiction counseling performance domains. The ADACBGa. follows the guidelines established by the IC&RC. If you are a CCS, 6 of your 40 hours of recertification must pertain to the performance domains of clinical supervision. If you are a CCDP/CCDP-D a minimum of twenty (20) hours must be COD specific. If you are a CCJP 20 hours of the training must relate to the Criminal Justice Addiction Profession and should include training in the development of professional skills described in the performance domains for Criminal Justice Addiction Professionals.

A listing of local courses that are acceptable for counselors is available on the Board website under the “Continuing Education” page. Should you desire credit for a course outside of the AODA field, contact the office to ensure credit will be given. Supporting documentation may be requested.

International Certificates from IC&RC

Since 1981, IC&RC has protected the public by establishing standards and facilitating reciprocity for the credentialing of addiction-related professionals. Today, IC&RC represents 76 member boards and over 45,000 professionals from 25 countries, 45 U.S. states, and two U.S. territories. IC&RC’s eight credentials include counselors, clinical supervisors, prevention specialists, criminal justice, co-occurring disorders professionals, and the newly developed peer credential.

IC&RC member boards use IC&RC standards and exams to credential prevention, treatment, and recovery professionals on a reciprocal level. While certification or license names may vary from one state or country to another, IC&RC’s international credentials include:

Earning a reciprocal level certification or license through an IC&RC member board entitles professionals to purchase an International Certificate to signify their international, reciprocal status. To purchase an International Certificate, professionals must first hold a valid and current reciprocal level credential or license through an IC&RC member board before completing the International Certificate Order Form.

An International Certificate is directly tied to a professional’s certification or license with an IC&RC member board. They are not free-standing certificates and International Certificates will be issued to professionals using the same expiration date used by his or her member board for the corresponding credential or license. Professionals should contact their IC&RC member board to determine the equivalency of their credential or license.

Certificates are $30.00 USD each, and processing orders requires three to four weeks. When requesting an International Certificate, please be sure to include a copy of your board specific reciprocal level certification or license.

Inactive/Retirement Status

For counselors who wish to place a credential in inactive status, they must notify the board in writing prior to the expiration date of their credential.